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The Office of Instructional Resources has partnered with other university offices to create freedom of expression curriculum packet available for use in any Blackboard course. The curriculum is entirely customizable and can be fit to different class needs. 成人头条 instructors can request that OIR upload this content directly into Blackboard course areas, and interested instructors from WSU Tech and other colleges and universities that use Blackboard will receive the Blackboard-ready curriculum as a .zip file via email.

The freedom of expression curriculum packet has the following components:

  • A suggested task list for students.  Instructors can edit this for their own students to suit the needs of the particular course. 
  • An embedded, 4 minute animated video explaining the background of freedom of expression.
  • A written lecture summary and attached PowerPoint lecture created by 成人头条 State University Associate General Counsel Kelly Herzik.
  • A written lecture summary and a lecture outline created by 成人头条 State professor Dr. Abigail Devereaux.
  • A short 8 question quiz covering the written lecture material and the animated video.
  • An embedded version of the freedom of expression panel discussion that took place on March 31, 2021 at 成人头条 State. (Approximately 75 minutes)
  • Suggested topics for classroom discussion. These are intended to be used in conjunction with the panel video. 
  • Suggested topics for classroom activities. These are intended to be "capstone" activities to be used in conjunction with both the readings and the panel discussion.
  • Suggested readings provided by Associate General Counsel Herzik and by Dr. Devereaux, as well as a book recommendation that is ready for download directly from the University Libraries. 

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OIR will install this content package into your class upon request.

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